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Map App Instructions

The Map App is a way of accessing customized family history hints based on a person’s surname or the county they lived in.

  1. Using the options button, choose what kind of task hint you want to generate. By default this application returns record attachment hints that can be broken down into three difficulty categories.
  2. Start by typing a surname or county a person lived in and pressing the search button. The application will load up to 200 results for your search.
  3. Click one one of the marker pins you want to work on. Click the blue text with the surname and place and it will take you directly to the FamilySearch sourcelinker on your browser. The first time you do this, you will need to log in FamilySearch.
  4. Once you are in sourcelinker, compare the record information (which is on the left of the screen) with the information about the person on the Family Tree (which is on the right of the screen) and decide if the record should be attached. If you think it is a match, click “compare”, then “add” to move the residence information over to the tree, and then “attach”.

A document containing instructions can be found here Map App Instructions and a help video here

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Customized Family History Hints

Welcome to the Map App! Generate customized record hints based on a person's surname or the county they lived in. Filter by difficulty or type of hints using the options button

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